Cave Park Grabovača

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  • Protection category: significant landscape (2018)
  • 5 caves protected in the geomorphological nature monument category: Samograd, Medina Cave, Amidžina Cave, Budina Ice Cave, Petrić Cave)
  • Samograd Cave – the only cave open for tourist visit, 345 m long, consists of 4 halls
  • Surface: 56,39 km²
  • Highest point: Risovac peak (860 masl)
  • Lowest point: (494 masl)
  • The park is bordered by the stream of the river Lika – the second largest European subterranean river

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Cave park Grabovača, located in Perušić, is the only cave park in Europe which allows visitors to experience the past, thousands of years back.

On a relatively small area (1,5km2) you can find 8 different caves and one pit. They represent diverse and valuable cave stone and crystal formations – 25% of all protected caves in Croatia are located here, with cave Samograd as the most famous location in the park. There are four types of habitat which are endangered in EU, with a large variety of protected species: 9 plant (orchids) and 39 animal species (eurasian brown bear, eurasian wolf). On the slopes of Grabovača you can find four freshwater springs, or swim in the river Lika flowing through the western edge of the park.
Archaeological sites located in Perušić area testify of a human activity for more than 2000 years. Potery found in cave Samograd is older than Roman times. Most famous reminders of the power of this region through history are the Old town Perušić (11th century AD) and The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (13th century AD).
Landscape diversity offers a variety of activities: hiking, trailing and trekking, swimming, canoeing or cycling (more than 240km of cycling routes – city, forest or combined).

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