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Adrenaline sports

Lika is an ideal destination to experience a real adventure. On the one hand, you can enjoy the murmur of water and the chirping of birds, but on the other hand, a number of unexplored parts of the forest await you, the call of the wild, the combination of karst and water, and the alternation of even three climates.

Explore the Lika destination on dirt roads, field roads, forest roads or on asphalt by riding a Quad or a Jeep. Experience the feeling of complete freedom and excitement by going down the longest Zip-line in Europe or enjoy the view of the Lika destination from the heights by paragliding.

Lika is surrounded by steep and seemingly dangerous mountains, but the views from its peaks will leave you breathless every time. You can get to know Lika precisely by climbing its rocks, where you will meet its forest inhabitants, altitude differences, climate change and the smell of the forest, which is sometimes mixed with the smell of the sea.

You can also experience Lika through rafting on turbulent parts of the Lika rivers, which will best show you the combination of karst terrain and water, or by staying in the forest, looking for a hiding place from the "enemy" while playing paintball.

The Lika destination offers a handful of extreme sports in which your adrenaline will jump to its peak. Adrenaline parks offer you the opportunity to experience a real "wild" adventure intertwined with untouched nature and clean air. Parks offer offers for families, students (schools), individual groups, teambuilding or arrange offers according to your wishes.