The Lika Destination cluster was founded in February of 2017, its purpose being branding of the Lika Destination as a destination of protected areas and a gastro-destination.

The destination encompasses the areas of three counties, so beside the continental and coastal areas of the Lika-Senj County, it also includes parts of Karlovac and Zadar Counties and thus creates a natural and well-rounded whole. The basic activity of the cluster is touristic promotion of the destination in both Croatian and foreign markets, which is based on its nature, its cultural, historic and gastronomic characteristics, as well as its health-related assets.

The project of Lika Destination branding is a part of the INTEGRA LIKA 2020 project (integral farming development of Lika and its coastal areas), which was started by the local action group Lika (LAG LIKA).

The destination offers an unique combination of inland and the sea, where you have the opportunity to experience no less than three climates in an only 30-minute drive, like in few other places, and truly experience this one-of-a-kind phenomenon of contrasts. The destination includes the most famous national park in Europe, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Nikola Tesla’s childhood home, dr. Ante Starčević’s childhood home, the first European printing house, along with an abundance of cultural heritage. Whether you prefer to relax in the forest peace and quiet, or you are interested in adventure-driven and adrenaline-pumping tours, Lika Destination has it all.

Our members and partners are travel agencies, tourist boards, facilities of nature protection areas, as well as many other workers in tourism who want to show this destination to the whole world, as well as give everyone a chance to have an unforgettable experience in a destination which combines the sea and karst.

Not only do we promote Lika Destination as a destination of protected areas (almost 60% of its surface is protected by the Croatian Environmental Protection Act), but as a gastro-destination, as well, seeing as we most definitely have many reasons to do so. Lika is an area in which many plant cultures thrive, and its pure und preserved nature and beneficial temperature are the key to Lika products being so healthy and tasty. Many family farms breed and raise livestock, harvest the land and plant the cultures that are characteristic of the Lika area, and they do it traditionally, how it has been done from the beginning. We have acknowledged the quality of their products, so we wish to stimulate our local producers to cooperate, as well as enable them to become unique on the market through certification of these products. We are conducting a regional quality system of local products, which we have named Lika Quality. Its guideline is the philosophy of sustainable development and stimulation of a greater volume of the local production and consumption. The system is a guarantee of quality and local production based on tradition, and the local producers are involved in the touristic development. By creating the Lika Quality mark, we desire to brand these locally produced food and souvenirs, and thus create a unique gastro-destination.

If you want to experience a unique blend of people, mountains, sea, food and tradition then the arrival to Lika destination is the only thing you have to do!

Members of the Lika Destination cluster:

  1. Japodski forum j.d.o.o.
  2. Lito d.o.o.
  3. "MaDi Tours"
  4. Martin d.o.o.
  5. Natura-Turist d.o.o.
  6. Petra Travel Agency 
  7. Rural Escape Tours j.d.o.o.
  8. Zelengaj d.o.o.