Barać Caves

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  • Protection category: significant landscape
  • Open for visitors since 2004
  • Year of declaration as a protected nature area: geomorphological monument: 2016
  • Surface: 5,19 km²
  • Highest point: (412 masl)
  • Lowest point: (285 masl)
  • The Barać Caves consist of the Upper, Lower, New Barać Caves and the Baraćevac spring
  • Available for visit: Upper Barać Cave
  • Temperature in the cave: 9°C

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The rugged terrain – karst is appealing in its contrasts. On the earth surface valleys, bays, fields, karrens, and below it caves and pits; a lot of water under the surface, and scarce on it. The whole area includes rare and endangered habitats and endangered and strictly protected species. The research of the Barać Caves area has shown that there is a high diversity of cave fauna, but for now there are about ten species that have officially been confirmed. The Barać Caves are a significant archaeological and paleontological finding site. Bones of many Pleistocene species, which have been extinct for over 10 000 years, were found here. Due to unaltered microclimate conditions the bones remained in preserved shape. Tools and decorative items from the 7th century BC have also been found in this area.

There are two theories concerning the name of the Barać Caves. According to the first one, they got the name after a villager Barać, who defeated a Turkish giant in front of the caves. According to the second theory, Hungarian soldiers used their word for “friend” (barát) to describe these mountains during the reign of Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy.

This phenomenon was created by water’s patient work throughout millions of years. You can see the features of icicle structures (stalagmites and stalactites) and up to 10 meter high columns (stalagnates) and enjoy the beauties of complete darkness while walking through the cave. Spend an hour of a pleasant stroll accompanied by a tour guide, who can make you familiar with this underworld and its long history, which has succeeded in preserving its mystic features, undisturbed by the subtle lighting. The halls and channels are easily passable for all visitor categories, from the youngest to oldest ones. Along with the cave tour, you can take a walk, ride a bicycle, ride a horse, and there is also a children’s playground, as well as an equipped mini-football and badminton field.

Take some time off to visit Barać Caves and experience the nature of our ancestors, clean and beautiful in its simplicity, but slowly and increasingly forgotten by the  modern man. Enter the underworld and discover an astounding world hidden beneath the earth, generously letting you in. Let the nature teach us of the richness of simplicity and the beauty of the pristine. Our professional guide will take you on a lighted path among breath-taking stalactites and explain how the cave was created over the course of millennia, its geological structure, and its valuable archaeological findings during a 60-minute walk. He will take you back in history and show you the cave’s numerous stone monuments, the former habitat of the cave bear, the site where where a bronze age bracelet was found... The guided tour turns absolutely silent and dark for a moment, allowing you to absorb this unique experience of the underground and carry it with you forever.

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