Likos Adrenaline Park

Likos Adrenaline Park

Sport and outdoor - Likos Adrenaline Park

Likos Adrenaline Park is located in the heart of Lika. It is located only around  500 m from the center of the main town (Gospić) and at the same time hidden from the urban environment. It extends to 30000 m2 and river Novčica flows through adrenaline park.

The park is specialized in organizing team buildings, children's birthdays, school trips, „bachelor – bachelorette“ parties .

Our programs are organized as a combination of socializing, relaxiations, as well also  competitions in the pleasant and well-arranged ambience of the adrenaline park Likos. Clients „separated“  in teams compete in a variety of exciting disciplines which aren't so usual. 

The event organized in this manner ensures the constant engagement of the participants (clients), leaving no room for boredom or anything like this. Each  activity is adapted to the group and its structure.

Each group for the needs of socializing and relaxation has  at their own disposal  the entire infrastructure of the Likos Adrenaline Park - terraces, dressing rooms, sunbed , kitchen, all the accessories for whatever you need, barbecue.

We are giving you the opportunity to organize your own gastronomic event or you can arrange with our catering partners.

Our goal is that each of our clients experiences a unique experience, broadens their aspects, learns new sports skills, relaxes and relaxes through day-long socializing. Of course it's all in the fresh air and natural environment full of greenery.

We offer:

- Attractive zipline in the length of 200m across the river

- 12m high artificial climbing rock

- Paintball on a completely natural terrain full of rocks, stream caves and natural shelters

- Splatmaster (children's paintball) adapted for children aged 8-13 years

- Bublle football - a hilarious game of football in the balls

- „Human“ table football

- Archery - throwing an ax, shooting with a bow and arrow, air soft duels

- Slakline - walking on gurney at different heights

- Team Olympics

- Kayaking with the river Novčica (recreational kayaking and kayaking in the park)

- Organized kayaking excursions along the biggest personal word of Lika

- Organized excursions by kayaking by the sea to the nearby islands of Pag and Rab

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