Lika destination abounds with natural phenomena at all levels of protection, almost 60% of Lika destinations surface is located in the NATURA 2000 ecological network and it is exceptionally attractive for all  forms of green tourism.

Velebit Mountain is the largest protected area of nature in Croatia and it covers a surface of 2.200 km2. It is the natural boundary between the land and sea, and due to the change of three types of climate (mediterranean, continental and mountain), biodiversity is particularly emphasized. Velebit is a nature park, and within it there are several locations with special forms of protection. On the sea side, the Zavratnica bay points up.

The highest form of natural protection are strict reserves. In Lika and Velebit there is a strict reserve of Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi. The second strictest form are national parks, and in Lika there are three of the eight national parks in Croatia: NP Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica NP and Northern Velebit NP.

The Destination is also rich in caves, the most famous of which are Cerovac caves, Barac caves and Cave Park Grabovača.

The River Gacka, third longest subterranean river in the world, flows through destination and Gacko and Dabarsko fields are significant landscapes.