Medical, schnapps production

Medical, schnapps production

IQM Members - Medical, schnapps production

  • Bunić 15, 53230, Korenica
  • +385 98 964 1319

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Plum brandy


Bunić is where Budimir Eror has his plum orchard and produces fruit schnapps „Medical“ made of plums. The Eror family has been active in cultivation of high quality plums, as well as production of high quality slivovitz for many years. The slivovitz schnapps is produced eco-friendly, the trees are neither treated with any pesticide, nor is the soil treated with mineral fertilizers. The true Lika strong schnapps is made in the manner of the old and traditional production; in a brewery which also contains a cauldron for plum brewing. The process of plum brewing lasts two months, and the schnapps is ready for sale after nine years of maturation. This slivovitz is made of the highest quality „bistrica“ plums, which are grown without any pesticide or fertilizers in the purest European region.

The Medical family farm was founded in 2001 and has been collaborating very successfully with the Plitvice Lakes National Park for 17 years. The Medical slivovitz is very popular in the National Park's hotels. Even in the Yugoslavian times, the Medical slivovitz was also on the price list of the Inter-Continental Hotel Zagreb.

When consumed moderately, the Medical slivovitz has proven healing properties. It has also won many domestic and international prizes. Due to implementation of the highest agro-technical measures, as well as following of the latest technological improvements in production, this slivovitz is characterized by constant high quality. It was precisely the desire for long-term market domination, based primarily on a high quality local product, which led to the fact that satisfied customers keep coming back for more.

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