Bronzi bee family farm

Bronzi bee family farm

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The Bronzović family has four members and is active in beekeeping since 2002. All the work is divided between Marinko and his wife Nataša, and seeing that they are the third generation of beekeepers in the family, they have high hopes for their sons Matej and Luka continuing the family business. The family farm is located in the heart of the Gacka valley, through which flows the Gacka river, one of the cleanest rivers in the world. 

They actively keep about 100 beehives and move them to different pastures, in order to produce more honey sorts and thus more income.

Their family farm also contains an object for extracting, bottling and storing the honey. This object is equipped in accordance with the EU standards, in order to meet the high food safety standards, and the object is registered in the Veterinary Administration as such.

Being certified for doing business with animal products, they take part in state competitions in honey quality, where they make enviable results. They have won a golden award for their blossom honey (2008), a silver award for the sage honey (2015), a silver award for the acacia honey (2016), a silver award for the forest honey (2016), a silver award for the sage honey (2017) and a bronze award for the acacia honey (2017).

All the honey sorts by the Bronzović family farm have a Quality certificate which they received from the Croatian agricultural agency: the honey from our homeland.

They sell their products on the doorstep, at the local market and fairs, and mark an ever greater demand for their produce.

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