Drvo Ambijent, trade for carpentry and woodware

Drvo Ambijent, trade for carpentry and woodware

IQM Members - Drvo Ambijent, trade for carpentry and woodware

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Magnet Plitvice wooden ellipse

Magnet Plitvice - water tree

Magnet Plitvice wood stone

Magnet Plitvice in frame

Plitvice pendant - ellipse

Magnet Plitvice - picture on canvas

Drvo ambijent trade has recently started making souvenirs that are a combination of wood, stone, glass, and consist of small pictures depicting the motifs from Plitvice Lakes, wooden replicas of Lika mills, stone houses, wooden milling tools, wooden pendants, wooden magnets and wooden jewellery. All these products are made from the residue material in carpentry, and the wood is provided in the near surroundings of the trade. Beside the wood, the trade also uses nature-found stones and travertine. The latter is used with the Ministry's approval because the trade uses remnants. The products are intended as a gift that is reminiscent of the nature where the guests have been, and that shows ambient tradition through a replica. The magnet souvenirs are intended to remind people of the special colour and abundance of the water in the 16 Plitvice lakes. The canvas paintings are made for those who want to buy a paint-brushed detail of the lakes' beauty.

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