Cerovac Caves

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  • Part of the Nature Park Velebit
  • Geomorphological nature monument
  • Greatest cave complex in Croatia
  • Located in the southern are OF THE Nature Park Velebit
  • Protection category: Geomorphological nature monument since 1961
  • Largest cave bear finding site in Croatia
  • The complex consists of 3 caves: Lower Cave, Middle Cave and Upper Cave
Cerovac Caves

The Cerovac Caves are located in the southern part of the Nature Park Velebit and are one of the most recognized and significant speleological objects in Croatia. The complex consists of three caves (Lower Cave, Middle Cave and Upper Cave) with over 7 km of explored channels. The first 700 meters of the Lower and Middle caves have been adapted for touristic activities.

These caves are very abundant in findings from the ancient past. Not only are there many archaeological findings, but the caves are also one of the largest cave bear habitats in Croatia. This is why you can be a witness to bear claw grindings which resulted from bears moving along the cave walls.

There are also remains of cave lion (Panthera spelaea) and many other species, especially rodents and birds. Bone remnants of Paleolithic man Homo sapiens fossilis. The archaeological artifacts (ceramic pieces, metal, bone and stone findings) also indicate that the Lower Cerovc Cave had been used as a shelter since the Middle Bronze Age (1400 – 1200 BC).

The dripping water continuously enables the thousand-year-long process of icicle formation. This is why it is very important to treat the cave with respect and not to touch its ornaments, because just one careless hand movement can put an end to a decade-long process.

Due to their unique nature beauties and many findings from the ancient history, the Cerovac Caves were protected by law as a geomorphological nature monument in 1961.

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