Corporate volunteering project in Croatia

Published: 14. 04. 2023 - 12:00
Lika destination - Corporate volunteering project in Croatia

Today in the world there are more and more expectations from companies to have a positive impact on the local communities in which they operate. Corporate volunteering or employee volunteering is becoming a reflection of the social responsibility of every company and more and more companies in Europe and beyond are opting for corporate volunteering programs.

Corporate volunteering programs are a powerful tool for fostering a happier and healthier work environment and local community progress.


With corporate volunteering to the success of the company

Successful companies today cannot survive without intersectoral cooperation, understanding of new global, social, economic and environmental challenges.

An increasing number of companies present to the public the numbers they donate in order to contribute to the development of local communities, and the Government of the Republic of Croatia also encourages corporate donations by making donations easier for tax purposes.


Volunteering programs for employees to address the needs of the local community

Volunteering programs for employees are an investment in responsibility and active citizenship, and with its quality implementation, they can contribute to building a more complete and stable society and the development of new and innovative approaches to solving the problems of the local community.

At the same time, local communities and civil society organizations (CSOs) lack the knowledge and resources to establish contacts with socially responsible companies. The shortcoming, or the problem of CSOs, is the lack of a sustainable investment system in CSOs that directly affects the development and, most importantly, solving the problems of the local community. Citizens and local communities need activities for networking with the business sector and understanding their problems and needs. This is precisely why the Institute for Socially Responsible Business (IDOP) launched the project-platform of corporate volunteering "Our City" with the aim of networking socially responsible companies and the local community.


Through the project, a corporate volunteering program is being developed

The project "Response to the crisis - strengthen the local" aims to develop a corporate volunteering program called "Our Town" which would encourage and organize the business sector of the Republic of Croatia to volunteer in the local community.


Register your company for corporate volunteering events that are organized throughout the year! Register your company via this link and join the business sector that makes cities across Croatia a better place to live.

All employee-volunteers who participate in the corporate volunteering program "Our City" will receive certificates of participation in the corporate volunteering action, which will allow them to measure their positive social impact.

The project holder is the Institute for Socially Responsible Business (IDOP) with partners the RRIF Polytechnic and the Lika Destination Cluster.




The project "Answer to the crisis - empower the local! (OKOL)" UP. was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund and from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia.

More information about EU funds is available at the following links: and


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