The project "Career opportunities in tourism in Lika"

Published: 04. 05. 2023 - 1:52
Lika destination - The project

The destination of Lika covers 13% of the territory of the Republic of Croatia (it includes the continental part of Lika-Senj and the peripheral parts of Zadar and Karlovac counties), and the average population density is 8 st/km2 (the average of the Republic of Croatia is 75 st/km2). The number of inhabitants is continuously decreasing, and the main reason for emigration of young people is the search for employment. On the other hand, we are witnessing a labor shortage, especially in the tourism sector and employers' search for educated employees.

On this occasion, the Lika Destination Cluster, in cooperation with the Croatian Employment Service, Otočac High School, Plitvička Jezera High School and Gospić Vocational School, and with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, is implementing the project "Career opportunities in tourism in Lika". The goal of the project is to connect the target groups of high school students and the unemployed with employers in the destination and thus provide an insight into employment opportunities in the destination, that is, meet potential employees living in Lika and make first contacts.

Part of the activity intended for high school students and the unemployed consisted of a set of 15 workshops where they were presented with the potential for working in tourism in Lika and the possibilities of self-employment and employment with concrete steps, examples and employers. In order to show them the possibilities as best as possible, employers from the local community dealing with tourism were introduced to them in the workshops: Plitvička Jezera National Park, OPG Tomaić, Bistro & Wine Bar Travel, and Grabovača Cave Park, Ajda Lavender, Agrovelebit online. , Quad & buggy Plitivce and Holiday home Mali medo. In addition, they received information about starting their own business, and visits were organized to the Tourist Board of the Town of Gospić, the Tourist Board of the City of Otočac and the Tourist Board of the Plitvička Jezera Municipality. Trainings were held for employers, which covered the current measures of the CES, digital marketing and sustainable development and eco-certificates applicable to different types of business.

The project proved to be a good direction of development in terms of networking, creating new values and informing young people and the unemployed about career development opportunities and employers about potential workforce. Considering the pace of development of tourism and tourist facilities in the destination, there is great potential for career development in the tourism sector. Aware that the key to progress is in education and synergy, with this project a step forward was made in broadening the horizons towards the possibilities of (self) employment in tourism in Lika, and consequently the retention of the population and economic progress.


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