The Green Destinations certificate was presented to the Lika destination

Published: 07. 03. 2024 - 7:00
Lika destination - The Green Destinations certificate was presented to the Lika destination

The Lika Destination cluster is the holder of the most famous destination certificate in the world! It is about the Green Destinations recognition that the cluster received last night at the world's largest tourism fair ITB in Berlin. Lika Destination thus became the largest destination that includes as many as three counties in Croatia certified according to the Green Destinations model, the most comprehensive operational tool for sustainable management in tourism. Let's remember that in 2020, the Lika Destination Cluster was included in their list of TOP 100 sustainable destinations worldwide. The story of the development of the Lika destination then took a high third place and was presented precisely at the fair of the same name.

On the occasion of this event, the president of the cluster, Petra Kovačević, said: "Last year, we received an invitation from the Green Destinations Foundation to apply for this certificate. Proud that our work was recognized, we set about fulfilling the criteria. One of the certification criteria that every applicant must meet is to pass the Green Destinations training. I am extremely proud to see our Lika Quality in the education materials as an example from which other destinations can be learned. This certificate is a valuable confirmation of the development of the destination in the right direction, and at the same time an obligation to continue in the same tone."

The extensive work of implementing the guidelines and gathering relevant evidence in detail to meet the criteria is a job that has been done continuously for a year, to demonstrate the destination's commitment to high standards of sustainability. Taking into account that it is a destination that covers the territory of three counties, the job was not at all easy. A large number of stakeholders were successfully engaged, including the public and private sectors and the local population, who provided important information and support in this process.

"Green Destinations' bronze award for Lika Destination represents a significant contribution to the promotion of Lika on a national and global level, given that it is the most famous destination certificate. Green Destinations awards awards only to those destinations that meet strict criteria in all components of sustainable development. That's why we are especially glad that another Croatian destination was among the winners of this valuable recognition," said Dr. Katarina Miličević, director of Tourism Lab, the official representative of Green Destinations.

In conclusion, the Green Destinations certificate confirms that the Lika destination meets the high sustainability standards set by international experts. This includes a commitment to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, emphasis on strategic practices in destination management, stimulation of the local economy and community. As an organization, Green Destinations improves and valorizes the sustainability of destinations and service providers in tourism, and their programs are supported by the United Nations and the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism.

Obtaining this certificate is expected to have a significant impact on tourism in Lika, making it more responsible, balanced and beneficial for all stakeholders - from the local community to visitors and the environment.

The Lika Destination Cluster also congratulates Zagreb County and Telašćica Nature Park on the well-deserved Green Destinations certificates and continues its continuity in the mission aimed at improving sustainability and promoting responsible tourism.


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