Invitation: Lika Destination cluster online workshop

Published: 26. 03. 2024 - 11:12
Lika destination - Invitation: Lika Destination cluster online workshop

The Lika Destination cluster invites you to the upcoming online workshop that will be held on Friday, March 29starting at 10 a.m. via a link on the Zoom platform.

This workshop is organized as part of the project "Career Opportunities in Tourism in Lika II" co-financed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Our lecturers will cover several topics that are important for the development of tourism as follows:

  1. the use of artificial intelligence in tourism
  2. environmentally friendly accommodation
  3. measures of the Croatian Employment Service
  4. Green Destinations certificate

The workshop was designed with the aim of providing useful information, taking into account trends in tourism, the ubiquitous application of artificial intelligence and the imperative of sustainable business in today's tourism industry, with the hope that as many participants as possible will benefit from it.


Join us on March 29 and learn more about the above topics!

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