Cerovac Caves - a journey into the mysterious depths

Published: 01. 04. 2024 - 1:11
Lika destination - Cerovac Caves - a journey into the mysterious depths

In the heart of the indescribable beauty of the Lika destination, the Cerovac Caves represent one of the most magical gems this region has to offer. In addition to being the largest cave complex in Croatia, the Cerovac Caves are known for their long history and fascinating geological heritage that takes your breath away. For more than a century, these caves have attracted the attention of both experts from different fields and curious visitors, offering a unique insight into the mysterious world underground.

We thank the employees of Cerovac Caves for their time. Read the interview with them below:

1. Apart from being the largest cave complex in Croatia, what else are the Cerovac Caves famous for?

Cerovac Caves are the longest touristic caves in Croatia and the only ones open all year round. Because of their speleological, geological, paleontological and archaeological features, they have been attracting the interest of both experts from various fields and visitors for more than a century. Gornja and Donja Cerovačka Caves are among the most important cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) sites in Croatia.

2. How many known caves are there?

Currently, three Cerovačka caves are known: Upper Cerovac Cave, Middle Cerovac Cave and Lower Cerovac Cave. The Lower and Upper caves are arranged for visitors. Otherwise, southern Velebit, i.e. the area of Crnopac above the Cerovac Caves, contains over 200 speleo objects.

3. How long are the caves?

The length of the currently investigated channels is a little over 8km (Upper 4035m, Lower 4058m), while the first approx. 700m of both caves are arranged for visitors.

4. In what period of the year are the caves open for visitors?

Cerovac Caves are the only caves in Croatia open to visitors all year round.

5. What are the working hours of the caves?

The working hours of the caves are:

  • APRIL to AUGUST                  09.00-18.00 (every day)
  • OCTOBER and MARCH         09.00-17.00 (every day)
  • NOVEMBER to FEBRUARY   09.00-16.00 (every day)

6. In what period is attendance the highest?

We expect the highest attendance in the season from May to September.

7. How long is the tour of the caves?

A guided tour of a cave lasts approx. 1.5 hours, with the fact that you are in the cave itself for 50 minutes. The tour of both caves takes about 3 hours, you are in each cave for 50 minutes, the rest of the time is spent walking from the center to the caves and back. The average temperature in the caves is about 7 ºC. This is exactly why it is necessary to have warmer, layered clothes all year round, and sports shoes to visit the caves.

8. Large amounts of archaeological remains were found there, which are the most significant?

The oldest and most archaeologically significant phase of human activity is represented by creations and finds from the Late Bronze Age (14th to 10th centuries BC). The research collected a large amount of fragments of ceramic vessels and a significant amount of objects made of bronze, amber, bone, ceramics and stone, such as parts of costumes, jewelry and tools. The bulk of the find consists of as many as 3.5 tons of fragments of ceramic vessels, making it the richest collection of such finds in the area of Lika and the hinterland of the eastern Adriatic coast. The analysis of fragments of ceramic vessels showed that the vast majority belonged to vessels of larger dimensions, for storing food.

9. Do you recommend nearby tourist facilities to your guests?

Of course, there are many beautiful locations for excursions nearby, such as the rivers Zrmanja and Krupa; cultural monuments such as the Kudas Bridge, Krupa and Mirila Monastery; viewpoint Pariževačka glavica, Tulovi greda, educational trails (Obrovac-Jankovića buk). In addition to natural and cultural attractions, adventure tourism is active in the entire wider area, such as: rafting, kayaking, jeep safaris, excursions with four-wheelers, electric bicycles, many hiking trails, climbing areas, ferratas, etc.

10. Do you think Lika is a suitable destination for tourism?

Absolutely, Lika is a godsend for tourism, rich in natural attractions, clean air, abundance of water, excellent geographical location and excellent transport connections.

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