Cooperation between Cluster Lika Destination and Via Mea Travel

Published: 31. 05. 2024 - 1:01
Lika destination - Cooperation between Cluster Lika Destination and Via Mea Travel

The promotion of Lika on foreign markets is becoming more and more important for the Lika Destination Cluster, so recently they have been cooperating with the travel agency Via Mea Travel, which specializes in the arrival of tourists from German-speaking areas (Austria and Germany) to the Republic of Croatia. This collaboration marks a significant step in promoting the beauty of Lika, and is aimed at attracting tourists, who traditionally make up the largest share of visitors to this beautiful region.

Cooperation with Via Mea Travel represents a significant step in promoting the beauty of Lika, with an emphasis on discovering its magical landscapes and diverse attractions. The partners from the travel agency recognized the high-quality offer and programs offered by the Lika Destination cluster and decided to direct their activities that will attract tourists to spend time in Lika and discover its peculiarities. The first step in promotion has already been made and the programs were presented at this year's RDA fair in Cologne, which specializes in the sale of group arrangements.

After the projects "Stay 3 days in Lika" and "Stay 7 days in Lika", the goal of which was to extend the stay of tourists and enable them to explore lesser-known places in the destination of Lika, cooperation with the travel agency Via Mea Travel will additionally expand this initiative. This collaboration opens up new opportunities for creating even more attractive travel programs that will include a wider range of activities and experiences for visitors. The combination of the experience of these two organizations will ensure that tourists get an unforgettable experience exploring Lika, its natural beauty, culture and gastronomy. It is expected that this cooperation will result in an even greater interest of tourists to visit Lika and further stimulate the development of tourism in the region. With quality programs and the support of the travel agency, Lika will surely become an even more desirable destination on the tourist map of Croatia.

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