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Watersport activities

In the Lika Destination, water has always determined the way and quality of life of people. This combination of water and karst became a part of the life of all people from Lika. People in Lika did not just live by the river, they lived on the river and for the river. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Lika rivers are extremely clean and clear.

The best way to get to know the river is by kayak and canoe. In the Lika Destination, you can experience a unique experience in Croatia, and peer into the depths of the river by riding a transparent kayak. There is nothing more beautiful than paddling along the calm course of the Lika rivers and exploring the flora and fauna, meeting animals that live in the hidden parts of the bed, but also above them.

Driving in a kayak or canoe in the destination of Lika is the best way to experience the coexistence of people and water.