Villas Joja

Villas Joja

Accommodation - Villas Joja

In a small village (Vukšić) ,Lički Osik near Gospić, on a property that has been in our family for centuries, are the Exclusive Villas Joja located – Dvori Dida Joje.

In untouched nature, almost in the very heart of Lika, in three “old” Lika houses has, in which each one has its own story, we offer traditional elements of decoration with lush history and antiquity, as well as luxury and comfort, that is much needed today for rest and escape from the bustling, everyday life.

The equipment of the facilities itself is something that we are exceptionally proud of and contains everything we need, to make your holiday complete and unforgettable.

Here, above all, we’re talking about the wine cellar, a tavern where, if desired, dishes are served for guests, indoor, covered swimming pool, sauna, central heating, transfer van, possibility of renting off road vehicles, own covered parking, children’s park, garden furniture, as well as TV sat, internet, air conditioning, washing machine and dryers, dishwashers, grill, hot air oven, hair dryers as well as a source of potable water that dates back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

In order to make your stay at Villas Joja more comfortable and closer to the customs and way of living in Lika, we also offer old lettuce dishes prepared by the traditional recipes from our “grandmothers” cookbook.

From the offer of original local dishes, we can’t forget: bread under the bakery, homemade lard prosciutto and sausages, sorghum, bacon, liqueque autochthonous cheese Škripavac and Basa, beans with dried meat, sour cream, vermicelli with potato or boiled potatoes, smoked cabbage, various goulash, veal and pork under the bacon, grilled lamb, lettuce with bacon, homemade lettuce salads, licorice sausages, walnuts, cheese strudels and home-grown apples, eco-apple and basil juice, home-made honey.

As aperitifs, both domestic and traditional, we offer plum brandy, honey jam and pear.

The demands of modern tourism today require new contents, new services and even Lika with its world known natural beauty, offers unforgettable experiences in itself, we have tried to offer some additional activities that we hope will make every vacation a better and more active one.

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