Memorial Center „Nikola Tesla“ Smiljan

Memorial Center „Nikola Tesla“ Smiljan

Cultural Heritage - Memorial Center „Nikola Tesla“ Smiljan

The great inventor, physicist and discoverer was born on July 10 1856 in the village of Smiljan, and his birth house was turned into a memorial center, Along with the interpretation of Tesla’s life, the landscape of Tesla’s identification is also presented, the native land whence Tesla came and which shaped Tesla as the great inventor that he was. The Memorial Center is the place where this genius made his first steps toward the greatest world-altering accomplishments.

The Center was created in such a way that it unites culture, science and tourism. The visitors can learn a little more about Tesla and enjoy the intact Lika nature which stimulated Tesla to create his first inventions.

The permanent exhibition can be found in the birth house where the life road and the genius of Tesla are presented in picture, word and sound. The time line enables the visitor to read the most interesting information about his life, as well as other significant events in Croatia and the rest of the world during that period. The lighted drawers offer information to read about the interesting personality of the inventor. You can also listen to an audio recording of La Guardia, the then Mayor of New York, talking about Nikola Tesla.

The attic of the house is adapted in a modern style. Some of Tesla’s inventions are exposed there: the induction motor, the Tesla’s turbine, the Tesla coil, and the rotating magnetic field (Columbus Egg), all of which can be manually activated by visitors with a press on the switch.

The tour of the Center includes also a presentation of a documentary film about the great genius, and a demonstration including the Tesla coil in the replica of his Colorado Springs laboratory.

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