Velebit House

Velebit House

Cultural Heritage - Velebit House

The layout of the Velebit House extends over four floors and includes several thematic units that intertwine and interpenetrate each other in order to better show you the wealth of Velebit, its diversity and cultural and natural value.

At the center of the story is man and his direct and indirect influence on nature and natural values. In the past, the inhabitants of Velebit lived a nomadic way of life, they cleared the forest, grazed cattle, built stone dwellings - shepherd's dwellings and dry walls, and in this way created new habitats - lawns, puddles, etc., and influenced the number of plant and animal species.

In the Velebit House, you will get to know a significant part of that diversity - various insects and birds, large animals, endemic plant species adapted to extreme living conditions... But the value of this mountain is not only in the number of plant, animal and mushroom species, but also in its landscape diversity. The reason for this is the numerous surface karst forms - dips, beams, hips, scraps... these are just some of them. But read the story of how they came to be in our Velebit House!

But what is most valuable is actually underground and is inaccessible to most visitors. These are our deep pits where a whole special world of specific fauna lives that had to adapt to life in constant darkness. And again, it is man who was constantly intrigued by the underworld, so he began to explore the dark world in more detail, which still fascinates us and surprises us with some newly discovered animal species.

Become a speleologist for a moment and explore the "Lukini jama" in the House of Velebit together with us.

And in the Velebit House, the Mountaineers also live!

The Velebit House is part of the Northern Velebit National Park.

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