Pavičić Marjan family farm

Pavičić Marjan family farm

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Products with the Lika Quality label:

Lika flower honey

Velebit flower honey


The Pavičić family from Gospić has been active in beekeeping and honey making for many years, since 2004.  

The plants used for honey are grown in intact nature, and the wooden hives are marked with eco-friendly paint. The extraction tools are contemporary and in accordance with the latest standards. The honey is thus a product of pure nature and the best honey making tools.

The main plant in Velebit blossom honey is garland thorn, but there is also sage and other plants from the coastal Velebit area, more specifically from the area of Karlobag and Lukovo Šugarje.

The Lika blossom honey is made from various flowers and other plants growing in the Lika field, and the hives are located in the area from Gospić to Ričice.

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