Pavičić Ivica family farm

Pavičić Ivica family farm

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Pavičić family farm was enlisted in the Farm Register in 2009. The farm is involved in sheep herding and agriculture, and they have also started with blackberry growing in the village Rastoka in 2016. The whole family is involved in the farm work. For the time being, they are selling their produce at the doorstep, but they plan to widen the existing crops to start processing the fruits and making various blackberry-based products. This fruit is extremely health beneficial and it contains more fibre than most other fruits. The fibre is beneficial for digestion and maintenance of healthy body weight, as well as keeping cholesterol levels in check. Blackberries are rich in antioxidants, which makes them one of the top ten healthiest foods. Having entered the Lika Quality system, the goal for this farm is to place their produce more easily, to emphasize the importance of their origin and, finally, to promote Lika and its gastro delicacies.

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