Ribarica Go Green

Ribarica Go Green

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Apartments Čop are located along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, at the foot of Velebit.

5 comfortably furnished apartments are located in two buildings (the Ivka building and the Ljubica building), each apartment has one bedroom and a living room and a large loggia or balcony with a beautiful view of the sea.

We have been developing this family business for about thirty years, during which we have acquired regular guests, where the third generation has been coming to our facilities for summer vacations. Everyone knows Mama Ljubica and her strudels and Sunday cakes, Lika beer and šljivovica with which we welcome guests. Guests are greeted by the scents of black pine, lavender, immortelle and rosemary. Everyone knows about Bura and learns that word first. Our guests will often say that they have come to their "second home"!

What attracts guests and on which we are building further development is an extraordinary location, because our apartments are located right next to the sea, surrounded by indigenous greenery, with secured parking on the lot and close to the local store. Just a few meters from the entrance to the apartments, you reach our park, where guests can enjoy wooden benches in the shade or have lunch with a barbecue, while just a few meters further you reach a beautiful beach, which is decorated respecting the indigenous style and configuration of the terrain. Also, the nature around the buildings is completely autochthonous, which also provides shade during hot summer days, while the view towards Velebit says that you are in a nature park. And it is this contrast that attracts guests. Here you can really feel and see that Velebit descends towards the sea!

We are always here for our guests, to whom we also suggest trips to the surrounding area, while we often go with them to Velebit or one of the nearby islands - Rab or Pag.

We are ecologically aware and we want to continue to build our business in this direction, respecting autochthonousness. We already have only wooden benches and tables around the facility in our park, we completely throw out plastic, and we are already using alternative energy sources in the Ivka facility. The wooden benches are also made of oak wood from an old hundred-year-old house in Lika, and stone from the stream from the area of Pazarište is built into the fireplace. We continue to plan further development with the aim of hosting guests who come to enjoy nature, peace, crystal clear sea and air, and to continue to strive to approach a completely ecological "green" approach in business with the decoration but also with the concept, which the very name Ribarica GO Green apostrophes .


We want our guests to feel truly "at home". Welcome!

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