Canoe Gacka

Canoe Gacka

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We offer rentals of canoes on the river Gacka. We are expecting you on the river Gacka, in the idyllic village called Prozor near Otočac, 130 km from Zagreb and only 40 km from the Adriatic Sea, 30 km from national parks Plitvice Lakes and Northern Velebit. Rental time of canoes is from one hour onwards, depending on padder's wishes and fitness.

In the past, people navigated the river Gacka using 'PLAV', a unique traditional boat carved from tree trunks; a hundred-year fir forests surrounding the river Gacka provided the trunksthat were then carved into simple vessels. These single-trunk vessels were given a simple indigenous name – 'PLAV'.

Historically, each family by the river gacka owned at least one 'PLAV' – life without a 'PLAV' could hardly be possible. 'PLAV' was primarily for transposrt of wheat to the watermills, for river plants haymaking, and for transport in general. Owing to this tradition we have started our journey, but this time in the vesselsof a more modern making – in canoes!

The river Gacka rise sin the village of Sinac, near Otočac. Its springs are typical mountain springs with waterfalls and rapids, wich then flow more quietly, ideal for canoeing. There are two main river sources, both unique and pictureque: Tonković Vrilo and Majerovo Vrilo. The river temperature range from 6°C in the winter to 16°C in the summer. It is renowned for its clear drinking water and abundant diversity of flora and fauna. Canoeing down the river Gacka will give you much pleasure in this unique landscape, a combination of a beautiful river and the surrounding mountains. Besides canoeing you can swim in the river, a real refreshment in the hot summer months.

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