Zip Line Beware of the bear

Zip Line Beware of the bear

IQM Members - Zip Line Beware of the bear

Have you ever dreamed of Flying?

Sure you have...

And have you ever tried out our zip line?

You haven't?!

We can’t influence what you dream about, but we can make you feel as if you were flying.

Just imagine:

- 80 m above the ground

- Flying 120 km/h for 1700 m of zip line 

- Enjoying the view from the bird perspective

- There is a magnificent scenery of Lika below you, deep forest, green fields and valleys

You are not dreaming anymore, you are ziplining!

Located on the Western border of Plitvice Lakes National Park, 20 km away from highway A1. Near to the  NP Plitvice Lakes and North Velebit national park and Gacka river, which makes this area unique and attractive to many people who love untouched natural beauty.

What can you do at the zip line Beware of the bear?

You can make a rezervation of your "single" flight or tandem (together) flight.

Also, you can rent a video camera and have your own personal "selfie" or panorama view video.

You can climb an artificial climbing wall with an instructor (caled "lead") or without instructor (caled "boldering"), play a disk golf, rent bikes and pedal around the beautiful Lika landscape.

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