Adrenaline park Ogi

Adrenaline park Ogi

IQM Members - Adrenaline park Ogi

Start your adventure in the adrenaline park Ogi, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the tourist center Marko (across the road). The adrenaline park offers fun for the whole family. Try your hand at climbing and walking through the roping range or shooting at a target using professional bows and arrows.

The adrenaline park offers:

Roping polygon - try your hand at a demanding roping polygon that requires good coordination of hands and legs associated with good fitness. Ideal for people who want to overcome their fear of heights

Quad adventures - for all of you with an adventurous spirit, we guarantee an unforgettable quad adventure in an untouched natural environment. The freedom provided by four-wheel drive is incomparable to any other means of transportation. A ride across meadows, through forests and off-road roads awaits you accompanied by trained guides

Paintball and splatmaster - within the adrenalin park there is a paintball training ground as well as a training ground for Splatmaster (paintball for children from 7 to 12 years old). Paintball is a sport in which the player shoots colored bullets with an air rifle and is a safe and exciting way to simulate military combat.

Archery - for those who are a little more precise and patient, we have prepared a professional bow and arrows that are shot at wooden targets. The use of the bow and arrow was recorded 3,000 years before Christ. A modern bow can shoot an arrow over 200 m, with a speed of more than 200 km/h

Zipline - zipline can give you an experience that is most similar to the dreams of flying. Imagine that you are 40 meters above the ground and fly at a speed of 120 km/h, thus traveling 130 meters in a few seconds, attached to a cable with a view of the Marko Tourist Center. There is also a beautiful viewpoint with a view of the surroundings. Now you can have a drink and enjoy it on the ground after your flight.

Airsoft duel - rivals compete in target shooting using professional airsoft guns. The activity is designed as a team or individual competition

Tomahawk axes - if you are not a fan of heights and demanding obstacles, try throwing tomahawk axes at wooden targets. Sounds simple? Try yourself and see for yourself that a lot of practice is needed for this type of sport

Air Rifle - Test your accuracy and patience with the latest air rifle with optics

Adrenaline Park Ogi operates as part of the Marko Tourist Center, which offers accommodation and comfort as well as gastronomic facilities - Restaurant Marko.

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