Svetić Marijana family farm

Svetić Marijana family farm

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Product with Lika Quality label:

A horn of pepper

OPG Svetić Marijana is a small family farm founded in 2017 with 13 sheep and 4 cows (1 crossbred and 3 cows). In addition to the above, we sow triticale grain, plant various vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, green beans, onions, Swiss chard, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes...), prepare hay as food for sheep and cows in winter, when there is no vegetation. There are currently no employees at OPG, and all work is done by the Svetić family. In 2018, we planted 1,500 horn pepper seedlings outdoors, and we realized that the market needs for this food in our area are extremely high. We were quickly recognized by the market as high-quality producers of highly valued food products. The proof of this is that the sale took place exclusively at our doorstep, therefore, without any additional costs of transporting the food to another market place. Considering that in 2019 we passed LAG Lika Measure 6.3.1, we decided to replace the planting of bell pepper outdoors with planting in greenhouses. Therefore, it is about business improvement and even higher quality production is expected under more controlled conditions.

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