Svetić Marijana family farm

Svetić Marijana family farm

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Product with Lika Quality label:

Nikola's Lamp

The product Nikola's lamp is created by the traditional method of processing and restoring worn oak beams originally used for the roof construction of old wooden houses. Discarded, unsightly and unwanted beams in our premises are processed with a manual cutting tool, a vibrating wood sander, manual addition of high-quality epoxy resin, a final coating with a natural wood dye and laser engraving of a recognizable image of the character and/or verse of the world-famous inventor Nikola Tesla. It is a combination of traditional crafts of carpentry and woodworking with the use of modern technologies of precise imprinting of the desired content on the product. Each lamp is unique, since the structure, appearance and age of the wooden specimen determine the spatial placement, size and appearance of the character, verse and own logo. Family farm „Svetić Marijana“ welcomes announced groups of visitors who want to participate in the work or observe the conversion process of a once extremely useful but now unusable product, which, through restoration, takes on a new look of high value, illuminated by the glow of the electrical energy of the inspiring intellectual Nikola Tesla.

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