Speleon - Centre Of Subterranean Heritage

Speleon - Centre Of Subterranean Heritage

IQM Members - Speleon - Centre Of Subterranean Heritage

Speleon is a circular object that covers an area of 1,200 m², of which 850 m² is intended for a permanent exhibition that presents the natural and cultural heritage of the area through four themes - speleology, geology, archeology and paleontology.

Fossil remains of animals from the Ice Age, found in Upper Barać Cave, and their hyperrealistic specimens will take you back tens of thousands of years, to the time when lions, hyenas, woolly rhinoceroses and other large animals lived in our area.

The center is open to visitors throughout the year, and its contents are adapted for all ages. For the youngest, a speleo polygon was created, that is, a children's playroom inspired by speleology and the Ice Age, and its use is free for all visitors to the center. Free parking within the building, a coffee bar, a souvenir shop, a cave and an atrium with hyperrealistic animals await you.

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