Cerovac Adventures

Cerovac Adventures

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We started working in 2022. The headquarters and starting point of all routes is right next to the "Center of Excellence Cerovac caves''. We offer 8 quads (possible organization of up to 15 quads) with whom we do guided tours along the paths of the untouched nature of Southern Velebit. The official offer consists of 3 different routes, and we also offer individualized routes according to the wishes of the group.



An exciting drive through the villages around Gračac with a climb to the viewpoint above Gračac. The ride takes approx. 60-80 min. An excellent route to feel the quad bike and its possibilities for the first time. Adapted to inexperienced drivers.



Driving along the forest roads of Velebit with a visit to the church of St. Marka (known as Svetinja because of the legend that drops falling on the altar heal sick children, and for this reason people leave the clothes of sick children in the cave itself believing that if water in the cave drips on the clothes it heals). After that, it is additionally possible to drive to the Upper Cerovačka cave with a visit to it. Also, before returning, we serve the famous Lika sausage from the grill.

The route without visiting the caves takes about 3 hours, and if the caves are visited, an additional 90-180 minutes depending on whether only the Upper Cave is visited or the lower one as well.



The route starts from the Lika side of Velebit through a deep forest and we drive along the old "master's road" along which there are many monuments and symbols of the Homeland War. We then pass by the memorial of the movie "Winnetou", and then climb to the top of "Queen" from which there is a beautiful view of ''Tulove grede'' and the sea coast. Additionally, for a symbolic fee, it is possible to organize a barbecue on the property with 20 seats right next to ''Tulove grede''. After the barbecue, return to Gračac. Duration of the route 5-6 hours depending on the group's capabilities.


In the summer months, for more experienced drivers, we continue the route to the Zrmanja river canyon and the bathing area in Muškovci, where guests can refresh themselves in the beautiful Zrmanja river and have lunch in one of the restaurants by the river itself. In that case, the route takes up to 8 hours in total (that is, it is a full-day route).

From the new year, we also offer 15 CUBE e-bikes that we offer for daily rent with or without a guide. All bikes are equipped with Bosh batteries and motors and have an autonomy of up to 150 km. For larger groups, it is possible to organize additional bicycles. We can deliver bicycles as well as quads to various locations adapted to the wishes of the clients.

In addition to each of the offered packages, it is possible to offer a tasting of domestic products at a mini farm, lunch, dinner, kayaking on the river Zrmanja (quads or bicycles go to the starting position of kayaking, and vans that collect guests are waiting at the finish line), adrenaline park and various things depending on clients' wishes.

Part of our offer are also teambuilding events, and we are able to "work" groups of up to 100 people.

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