Čubrić Brigita family farm

Čubrić Brigita family farm

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Brigita's flower honey


The Čubrić family farm started their beekeeping activities in 2006, whereas they have been active in tourism since 2003, as an additional activity. They have entered the system of family farms in 2008 with about 40 of their stationary hives near their home. The farm holder Brigita Čubrić is close to graduating in beekeeping education and she is starting to sell the honey on her doorstep, along with room renting. The farm is duly registered in the Register of the approved objects working with animal products.

Due to the aforementioned facts, the farm started a project which is based on ecological and health tourism, as well as connecting beekeeping and tourism with the purpose of keeping the tourists longer and making their tourist season last longer. Apitourism is thus promoted as a complementary method of health preservation and life quality improvement for all age groups.

The house for inhalation from the hives was built in the early 2017, and now the second phase of the project is under way, that is, the inner and outer space management. The owner is also finishing her education as an apitherapist.


Not only can you buy the honey and honey products, but you can also have a look at the hives and how the bees work. They also offer special souvenirs and candles made from beeswax. Along with selling the products on the doorstep, they sell them in various hotels and souvenir shops.

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