Ajda, agricultuaral and jewelry trade

Ajda, agricultuaral and jewelry trade

IQM Members - Ajda, agricultuaral and jewelry trade

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Lavender angustifolia essential oil

Lavender augustifolia hydrolate

Dry lavender flower


I successfully ended education as a producer and refiner of medicinal herbs, so we planted about 2 ha of angustifolia lavender on our family farm in Mutilić, Udbina. We make essential oil, hydrolate and dried flower. We have an ecological certificate and we process the lavender ourselves.

The lavender essential oil has a wide spectrum of utilization in pharmacy and cosmetics, it gives balance to the whole organism, it boosts the immune system, it is an antiseptic, analgesic, mucolytic etc. it is one of the staple oils in aromatherapy.

The hydrolate or the flower water is a by-product in the process of the oil production through (steam distillation), and is used as tonic for all skin types.

The dried flower makes for a good soothing tea, and can also be used as a fragrant sachet.

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