Lika destination area - Udbina

Udbina is a place located in central Lika, on the Zagreb-Split highway, almost equidistant from both cities. The municipality of Udbina borders the municipalities of Plitvice Lakes - to the north, Donji Lapac - to the east, Gospić and Lovinac - to the west, and Gračac - to the south.

The area of this Lika municipality is as much as 683 km² (which is the third largest in Croatia), but only 1,874 inhabitants live there, which means that 2.5 inhabitants live per 1 km².

The municipality is bordered by beautiful mountain peaks, of which it is worth highlighting: Ozeblin (1657 m - the highest peak of Plješevica and the third peak in Croatia), Rudi Lisac (1608 m), Kremen (1591 m), V. Rteševo (1390 m), Veliki Brusnić (1371 m), Javornik (1370 m), Komača (1177 m), Mirkača (1131 m)...

All these untouched mountains offer great opportunities for the development of mountaineering, rural, hunting, eco, and other types of tourism.

The greatest wealth of this region is undoubtedly the Krbavsko polje, which is located at the foot of the Udbina settlement.

In this same field, there are over 5,000 ha of arable land suitable for growing various agricultural and vegetable crops. Of particular interest are the Krbavica river abysses, as well as the Murta lake. The Krbavsko polje is bordered by huge pastures that offer the possibility of intensive livestock breeding, which is a centuries-old tradition of this region.

Udbina is located in the immediate vicinity:
1. Plitvice Lakes National Park (45 km),
2. Northern Velebit National Park (50 km)
3. Una National Park (40 km)
4. Velebit Nature Park (40 km)

Since it is extremely well connected with the rest of Croatia, Udbina is very easy to get to. It takes 2 hours to drive from Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, while from Zadar or Šibenik it takes just over an hour.


Source: https://www.udbina.hr/

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