Lika destination area - Plaški

The municipality of Plaški covers an area of about 157.42 km2 and is one of the 16 municipalities of the Karlovac County. There are eight settlements in the municipality: Plaški, Janja Gora, Jezero, Lapat, Latin, Međeđak, Kunić and Podhum Plaščanski. According to the 2011 Census, 2,073 inhabitants live in all these settlements. The 1991 census registered about 4,600 inhabitants, but due to the war and its consequences, there was a drastic decrease in the population as well as major changes in the demographic structure.

Plaški is 27 kilometers away from the regional center of Ogulin, where all the most important administrative, health and cultural institutions are located.

Plaški municipality borders the neighboring municipalities: Josipdol and Saborsko.

The Vrnjika and Dretulja rivers pass through the Plašča valley, known for their impeccable cleanliness, freshness and trout. We are surrounded by Mala Kapela, Plaška Glava, Pištenik and Hum, rich in forest, game, springs and caves. The area of the entire municipality is hilly and mountainous with very high-quality arable land.

In the territory of the municipality, there are several family farms active in the production of milk, cheese and honey and the cultivation of strawberries.



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