Donji Lapac

Donji Lapac

Lika destination area - Donji Lapac

Donji Lapac is located in the Dinaric karst limestone area, located in the middle of the Lapac field, an important strategic and traffic point in the distant past.

It abounds in natural resources for the development of its indigenous tourist product and tourist offer, which in today's conditions we recognize as hunting, fishing, mountaineering, or excursion tourism. The area, which is almost untouched, extremely rich in flora and fauna, clean air and one of the most beautiful rivers provides starting opportunities for the development of this branch of the economy.


The potential of the Una River is reflected both in its offer to sports fishermen for fishing on one of the cleanest and most attractive rivers in Europe, rich in native and rainbow trout, and in rafting as an attractive sport that is also a real tourist pleasure.

It is also important to mention Štrbački buk, the second large waterfall on the Una river, after the one in Martinbrod, and is located near the village of Donji Štrbci, in the immediate vicinity of the state border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Strbački buk actually consists of several waterfalls, the largest of which is a 25-meter high waterfall, creating a magnificent picture of that part of the Una river.


Another great potential is hunting tourism. Exceptional terrains rich in almost all types of game, from bear, wild boar, roe deer, to several species of birds, represent the basis on which this type of tourism can be developed in cooperation with hunting associations.

The Kamensko plateau within the Plješevica mountain already offers opportunities for hiking and excursion tourism. A minimal investment in the existing structure of forest roads and paths provides an opportunity for off-road cyclists, but also for all other nature lovers.


In relation to tourism and the offer that prevailed at the end of the last century and which was based on services and offers to transit guests, the current tourist offer and directions for the development of this activity should be directed towards exactly defined specialized tourist groups. Guest accommodation is currently possible in one registered boarding house, while in the final stage of preparations for the reception of guests there is another boarding house and several rural households ready to receive and accommodate tourists. The completion and equipping of these accommodation capacities opens up the possibility of receiving guests in the increasingly popular rural tourism, which attracts a large number of citizens from urban areas.



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