Lika destination area - Rakovica

The municipality of Rakovica is located in the southernmost part of Karlovac County, right next to the border of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The municipality includes 26 settlements on the banks of the Korana River, which, flowing from Plitvice Lakes and waterfalls, forms underground lakes in Nova Kršlja, thus connecting the economic and social life of Plitvice Lakes and Rakovica.

The main road from Zagreb through Karlovac and Plitvice Lakes to the Adriatic Sea passes through Rakovica, with a branch to Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first records of Rakovica community are mentioned in the Middle Ages. It is known for the uprising led by Eugen Kvaternik in October 1871. It was an unsuccessful attempt to establish a free Croatian state.

Another larger settlement that was mentioned already in the 11th century is the Francopan town of Drežnik. At the time of the Turkish conquests, it was an important stronghold, repeatedly defeated, demolished and rebuilt. Today's remains of the fort have been declared a cultural monument.

Tourists, guests and intending travelers visiting this region or passing through it will be greeted by beautiful landscapes, hospitable hosts, comfortable accommodation, hotels and restaurants, the Lika song and the famous Rakovica cheese.


Source: http://www.plitvickedoline.hr/

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