Lika destination area - Saborsko

Saborsko and its surroundings are becoming an increasingly attractive destination for tourists, both because of the proximity of the world-famous Plitvice Lakes National Park and because of the natural and cultural sights of the municipality of Saborsko. The beauty and preservation of Sabor's original forests, meadows, rivers, streams, springs... as well as the possibility of a variety of active vacations keep passing tourists more and more in Saborsko.

Along with hospitable hosts and original local food, the peace of centuries-old forests, the colors and smells of mountain meadows, the relaxing murmur of mountain streams... The surroundings of Saborsko are perfect for meditative walks or bike rides with eyes and hearts wide open, guaranteeing a pleasant rest and complete pleasure!

The nature of Saborsko is attractive in every season and will delight family guests, as well as all those looking for a challenge: photographers, mountaineers, cycle tourists, fishermen and hunters, fans of snow sports... In the area of Čorkova uvala, there are marked hiking-excursion trails to high peaks and over 1200 meters, and cyclists can follow the markings of "route 9" which passes through the most interesting areas of Saborski and neighboring Rakovica.

For true enjoyment, the friendly hosts also offer the "fruits" of nature that they have prepared themselves - cheese, honey, gingerbread, brandy, drinks made from medicinal herbs... These and other products are offered along the "Green Road" that leads to Saborsko from Josipdol and Plaški. Private renters of apartments and rooms offer accommodation to passing tourists who want to spend the night in Saborsko, as well as to guests who want to spend a longer vacation there.



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