Ćaćić Božidar family farm

Ćaćić Božidar family farm

IQM Members - Ćaćić Božidar family farm

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The holder of the OPG is a graduated forestry engineer with many years of experience in the profession, and he has experience in agriculture from practice working on an agricultural farm, which has a total of 14.78 hectares of agricultural land and a few cattle that he plans to increase in the near future. The holder of the OPG has been a member of the OPG since January 1, 2003. The holder of the OPG has completed training for the Head of preparation and implementation of EU projects and is the Head of the national strategic project Fearless Velebit.

Of the total available area of 15.06 hectares of land, 6.9 hectares are owned. Of this, 4.76 ha refers to cereals, 0.20 ha to areas under potatoes, 6.56 ha to fodder plants and 0.26 ha to areas under vegetables. OPG, according to the calculation of the economic size of the agricultural holding, has an economic size of 13,689.80 euros with a total used agricultural area of 15.06 hectares. Land cultivation is done with two older tractors. It owns all the basic attachments for cultivating the land. All investments were made with own funds without debt. The main business risk is the non-competitiveness of manufactured products, primarily milk. The purchase price of milk is too low for this production to survive. That is why the opportunity for this OPG is to expand its activities to tourism, where the manufactured products could achieve a better value than it is currently.

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