Restaurant Grabovac

Restaurant Grabovac

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Hotel Grabovac is here to fulfil your every desire, whether you want to admire the beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park, enjoy a holiday in nature, plan a romantic getaway or just relax and forget the worries of everyday life.

By staying in the hotel, you will satisfy your soul, and by visiting our restaurant you will satisfy your palate. Restaurant Grabovac is known for its cuisine, which uses local products in dishes inspired by different international cuisines. Every day for breakfast, lunch or dinner you can choose from local, international and vegetarian dishes. Our restaurant experience includes a summer terrace, a children’s playground and a promenade, with 150 seating places.

Explore the history of the Lika region gastronomy and try local specialities such as grilled škripavac cheese or risotto with local Plitvice sausage in the pleasant ambiance of our summer terrace. For a full experience of Grabovac and Lika, try local rakija brandy, which locals have considered a universal “medicine” for centuries.

The Hotel Grabovac coffee bar is the place to be if you want to start your day in nature, with a cup of coffee and traditional Lika delicacies such as uštipci or masnica pastry. The bar also offers perfect summer cocktails, freshly squeezed juice, smoothies and milkshakes.

Lika Destination is perfect for exploration. Join us on an adventure far from the city rush and scorching asphalt. Relax in Hotel Grabovac, its coffee bar and restaurant, savour rich local specialities and enjoy the moment.

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