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Relax Lika

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Dear guests!

Welcome to Relax Lika, our and your story.

Behind the seven mountains and seven seas (in the kingdom faraway), while the sun rays caress your hair, and the fresh air of Lika kisses your cheeks, in the embrace of untouched nature, write the pages of your life with unforgettable memories.

Feel the harmony that is born between man and the magical environment.

Feel the love of tradition, woven with the gratitude of the present moment, gratitude to you!

Let our hospitality take you through an experience that will enrich your heart and soul.

We believe that Relax Lika is the destination where your dreams come true, and every moment is a precious experience.



Our story

Our vacation home was built on three centuries old foundations. Being permeated with the spirit of the ancestors and revived with a new glow, our house merges the past and the present into a unique experience.

Originally intending to renovate the estate which would serve us as a place of rest, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, we created this authentic oasis out of love for the family heritage.

However, being led by love and gratitude for our roots and guided by the idea of ​​sharing magic and beauty with the whole world, we developed the process of construction into a passionate project.

It is a privilege to do what you truly love, so we are proud to share our love with you.

We open the heart and door of our house to you, because love multiplies only by giving, and it is an example to future generations.

Our exclusive holiday home, with a capacity of 10 people, offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of beautiful Lika.

The first object, a perfectly equipped holiday home, was created with love for tradition and equipped with modern comforts. The house provides intimacy and peace, located on 10,000 square meters of private property, with a spacious terrace for relaxing and enjoying the silence of the environment.

The second building consists of three rooms with bathrooms and the access to the wellness area. Each room offers privacy and is equipped with Wi-Fi, Smart TV and minibar, providing guests the perfect balance between luxury and comfort.

The common space, the third facility, is the heart of Relax Like. A tavern with an open fireplace invites you to socialize and share meals, while a fully equipped kitchen makes food preparation simple and pleasant. The exterior, enriched with a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen and a barbecue, a children's playground and a garden with seasonal BIO vegetables, offer unlimited possibilities for relaxation and fun.

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