Lika Destination Info Point

10% of all the tourists who visit the Republic of Croatia visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, so the popularity of the Plitvice Lakes National Park leads to it being overcrowded during the summer season. As a result of collaboration of the Park and the Lika Destination Cluster, an information desk of the destination was created in June 2018. That was the place where visitors could get information about other locations in the destination, with the emphasis on the protected forms of nature, as well as instructions how to reach them. The tourists were thus advised to visit other, lesser known locations (all of them at a distance between 20 and 130 km), instead of waiting in long lines to visit the lakes. That would give them the opportunity to come back and see the lakes in the afternoon, when they are less crowded. That is how, for the first time, the visitors of the Plitvice Lakes NP could be informed about the rest of the destination, as well as find out everything they wanted to know about the shared ticket for the Lika Destination (link to the shared ticket).

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