Sustainability report for the year 2023 of the Lika Destination cluster

Published: 13. 11. 2023 - 3:06
Lika destination - Sustainability report for the year 2023 of the Lika Destination cluster






This report shows the efforts of the Lika Destination Cluster in promoting sustainability during the year 2023. We focused on different aspects, including certificates, cooperation with schools, encouraging cooperation between stakeholders, developing tourism in new destinations, networking in sparsely populated regions, dispersal of tourists and development of remote municipalities. In addition, the report includes our Global Destination candidacy and the implementation of guidelines according to the criteria. Follow this overview of our key initiatives to gain insight into our passion for sustainable business and its impact in the community.


I. Encouraging sustainability through certification

We have researched the relevant certificates for the sectors that our stakeholders deal with. After selecting the certificates, we sent them to the stakeholders along with the detailed criteria. This step has the strategic goal of encouraging the integration of sustainable practices within the sector and raising awareness of the importance of certification among our stakeholders.


II. Cooperation with schools and sustainable impact

We recognized the importance of cooperation with educational institutions, therefore we started cooperation with schools. Our initiative is based on the belief that children's education has a strong influence on the faster adoption of sustainable values. We expect that the knowledge that the children acquire will pass on to their parents, creating a long-term positive impact on our community.

III. Encouraging cooperation among stakeholders

In an effort to strengthen cooperation among our stakeholders, the Lika Destination Cluster encourages proactive partnership and exchange of support. We encourage stakeholders to actively propose the purchase of products under the Lika Quality system and mutually recommend their services to guests. In this way, we create a stimulating environment that promotes cooperation and mutual success.

IV. Encouraging the development of tourism in the destination

We are aware of the potential of tourism as a rapidly growing economic branch. We actively encourage tourism in a destination that has not had a pronounced history in that sector. This approach contributes to diversifying the tourist offer and reducing the pressure on the most visited places.


V. Networking and cooperation in a sparsely populated region

We are resolutely committed to networking stakeholders in a sparsely populated region. We are creating a platform for cooperation to strengthen local communities and encourage people to stay in the region.


VI. Joint ticket and dispersion of tourists

We are developing a joint ticket concept that encourages tourists to visit different destinations within the region. This approach aims to reduce pressure on the most visited locations and contribute to a more even distribution of tourists.


VII. Development of remote municipalities

We have dedicated ourselves to the development of remote municipalities. Cooperation with local authorities and stakeholders is aimed at identifying needs and implementing projects that support the sustainable development of this area.


VIII. Application for Green Destinations certificate and implementation of guidelines

We are proud to have been included in the TOP 100 world sustainable destinations for two years in a row. This year we applied for Green Destinations and started implementing the guidelines according to the criteria, with the aim of achieving global recognition for our sustainability efforts.




This overview illustrates our efforts and achievements in the field of sustainability, especially in the development of remote municipalities.

The Lika Destination cluster remains committed to promoting sustainability and positively impacting the community, environment and economy. We thank all stakeholders for their support and cooperation in achieving these goals.




Gospić, 13.11.2023.

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