Public communication of regulations and decisions of the Lika Destination cluster

Published: 09. 11. 2023 - 1:07
Lika destination - Public communication of regulations and decisions of the Lika Destination cluster




The destination of Lika is aimed at sustainable tourism and comprehensive development, and planning regulations and decisions are made in cooperation with key stakeholders in tourism development. The purpose of this document is to transparently communicate important regulations and decisions in order to ensure the understanding and cooperation of all relevant actors in the destination.


Key stakeholders:

  1. Local community: Active participation and support of the local community are essential for the successful development of the destination. The regulations will be communicated through public meetings, workshops and available media.
  2. Entrepreneurs in tourism: Partnership with entrepreneurs in tourism is essential for innovative projects and quality tourist offer. Regulations will be published through online platforms, workshops and consultations.
  3. Public institutions: Cooperation with public institutions, such as local authorities and tourism organizations, is essential for coordinated development. Regulations will be made publicly available through official notices and conferences.
  4. Civil society associations: The participation of civil society associations contributes to sustainability and social responsibility. The regulations will be made available through public consultations and workshops.

Communication tools:

  1. Lika Destination Cluster website: All regulations and decisions will be regularly published on the destination's official website, with clear instructions on how to access information.
  2. Social networks: We will actively use social networks to inform the general public about new regulations and decisions and encourage dialogue.
  3. Conferences and educations: We will organize regular conferences and educations in order to inform the public about new regulations and decisions, and to encourage dialogue and understanding of key aspects of the development of the Lika destination. These activities will aim to strengthen cooperation with stakeholders, provide space for questions and proposals, and raise awareness of the importance of sustainable tourism.
  4. Print media: Information will also be available through print media to ensure that information reaches all members of the community.

Dialogue and suggestions:

We open a dialogue with key stakeholders and invite all interested parties to participate in the development of the destination. Suggestions and comments on the regulations are welcome and can be submitted through the indicated communication channels.


Feedback and evaluation:

In order to ensure the effectiveness of regulations and decisions and to improve their application, we encourage active participation and give special importance to feedback. We will regularly conduct impact evaluations of implemented regulations and decisions, and stakeholder feedback will be key to this process.



This document represents a basic guideline for transparent communication of regulations and decisions in the destination of Lika. Cooperation and active participation of all stakeholders are key to the successful development of the destination and sustainable tourism.


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Gospić, 09.11.2023.

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