Lika tourist attraction: Gacka plav is a vessel made of a single trunk that cannot capsize

Published: 18. 03. 2024 - 3:54
Lika destination - Lika tourist attraction: Gacka plav is a vessel made of a single trunk that cannot capsize

The traditional Gacka plav is an interesting vessel that is on the list of protected intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. The special feature is that the blue one is not built from separate parts, but was created by hollowing out one trunk from one tree. The first information about the blue comes from the 17th century, and today there are several examples of vessels on the river that serve as a tourist attraction. Navigation is extremely interesting and attractive because of the cleanliness and life in and around the river.

Due to its construction, the plav was very stable on the water. It served as a safe means of transport, since such a vessel rarely capsized. An oar was used for movement, and due to its massiveness, the plav rarely drifted to the side. Because of these facts, sailing is safe even for the most timid.

The first information about blue comes from the 17th century. Especially important is Valvasar's description and drawing, which shows that the blue has practically not changed since then. Throughout history, Otočac has mostly been described as a city on the water, and Gacka plav played a very important role in the daily life of the city's inhabitants, since it was necessary to get closer to the fortress itself by boat.

Although today it does not have a major transport role, until the middle of the last century the plav was often used to transport cargo across the river, and today it has an important traditional value, as well as a touristic one, because it is an interesting attraction that you should definitely experience when you are in Lika. Today, there are several examples on the river that serve as a tourist attraction, and one example is in the ethnographic collection of the Gacka Museum in Otočac, where you can learn about all the details of this interesting vessel.


Taken from: Turističke priče.

Source and photo: Gacka Museum in Otočac.

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