Ajda - a combination of creativity and love for nature

Published: 09. 04. 2024 - 11:02
Lika destination - Ajda - a combination of creativity and love for nature

In the town of Udbina, there is Ajda, a small business that exudes creativity and love for nature. Their passion lies in the production of unique jewelry and the production and processing of lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia). This combination of beauty and nature makes the craft of Ajda special and attracts people who value authenticity and natural beauty.

We thank Mrs. Ajduković for her time. You can read the interview below:

1. Where did you get the idea for the production of natural cosmetics?

Buckwheat lavender was created out of love for nature, especially aromatic and medicinal plants. We realized that our Lika climate and altitude are ideal for True Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia Mill. Labiatea), so we set out.

2. How does the final product come about?

The final products are the result of caring for two hectares of plantations, manual harvesting, processing and distillation of flowers, from which we obtain pure essential oil and hydrolate (flower water). Part of the flower is dried and stored in fragrant tea bags. All our plantations are completely ecological, for which we have the eco mark.

3. Do you do everything yourself or do you have help?

Buckwheat lavender is a small family farm and we do everything ourselves.

4. What products do you offer?

Among the products we offer are organic essential oil, hydrolates (flower water that is an excellent tonic for the skin), dried flowers, glycerine soaps. We also produce lavender syrup (a very unusual flavor that refreshes and is excellent in various cocktails) and lavender liqueur. Since I am a trained aromatherapist, we also have melates, aromatherapy preparations with honey.

5. Your products are included in the Lika Quality system, a regional quality system for food, beverages and souvenirs. What are your experiences with the mentioned system?

The essential oil, hydrolat and dry flower (scented bag) are in the Lika Quality system and we are satisfied with the cooperation.

6. Do you have any plans to expand production or product range?

We are planning more interesting products, and it all depends on the market and demand.

7. We saw your beautiful lavender field. Is it difficult to maintain?

The lavender field covers two hectares and is cultivated entirely by hand, and it is not an easy job, but we are intoxicated by the scents, so we do not feel tired or heavy. We still do it out of love and with a lot of enthusiasm. At the farm, we also have a tourist offer, an apartment for guest accommodation, and we are mostly full, guests enthusiastically walk through the fields of Lika Provence (as they call it), even participate in work, harvest, etc. and it is certainly an unforgettable experience that they take with them. We would love it if our story became better known because we believe that it is a step forward in the offer of our destination.

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