About Lika Destination in general

The Lika Destination area covers the surface of almost 7000 m2, and over 60% of the area is protected trough some form of protection in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act. Our aim is preservation of the cultural heritage as localities of protected nature, and development of tourism exclusively in accordance with the sustainable development model.

The Destination is connected with the rest of Croatia by the A1 highway. It is located near the airports Rijeka, Zadar and Zagreb, greater seaports Rijeka and Zadar, and two smaller seaports Karlobag and Senj. It encompasses the areas of Lika-Senj, Zadar and Karlovac counties. The Lika Destination area is placed in an exceptionally favorable geographical position and has an abundance of natural wealth, cultural heritage and rich gastronomy.

The area of Lika Destination encompasses 15 local government units, including 3 cities (Gospić, Otočac and Senj) and 12 municipalities (BrinjeDonji LapacGračac, KarlobagLovinacPerušićPlaški, Plitvička JezeraRakovica, SaborskoUdbina and Vrhovine)

The outdoor activity options in Lika Destination are endless. You can experience the unique combination of The Velebit and the sea, as well as three different climates (Mediterranean, alpine and continental) on a relatively small geographical area. Owing to these facts, the Destination is highly interesting and suitable for different forms of touristic activity, which makes it a desirable travel location throughout the year.