Winter sports

Lika in the wintertime is an ideal location for sport activities, that is, skiing and sledging, but if that is not enough adrenaline for you, you can take a crazy quad snow ride.

Although everything is covered in snow, nature has a lot to show even in this time of the year. How animals get around in the snow, what frozen rivers and lakes look like, and how the locals live in the winter are some of the things that you can discover while taking part in winter sports in Lika. Lika has several locations, where you can go skiing and/or sledging, no matter if you have your own equipment or not. Not only will you enjoy these winter sports surrounded by nature in its white winter coat, but you will also enjoy the traditional meals from Lika which are specific to the Lika area.

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Skijanje_photo by Nita Ratković
Sanjkanje na gumi_Kuterevo_photo by Viktorija Rogić