Book cafe Paradiso

Book cafe Paradiso

Where to eat - Book cafe Paradiso

Book cafe Paradiso was launched with the aim of promoting the culture of reading and socializing in the local community. We wanted to offer our customers something different and innovative while also attracting some new guests. Our space is equipped with bookshelves full of the latest national and international hits, classics and bestsellers, in Croatian and many foreign languages, from English to Swedish. There is also a children’s corner and we are proud to be a pet friendly establishment.

Once a month we organize literary evenings and introduce popular authors´ new titles. The initial support for our idea came from the most famous book influencer in Croatia: Alis Marić Pečarić, the woman behind the Čitaj Knjigu blog (Croatian for “read a book”). These evenings are always well attended and these cheerful gatherings are typically accompanied by musical performances (focusing on the local talent) and promotional presentations of products and services of local tradesmen, entrepreneurs and institutions. The main purpose of these literary evenings is promotion of Gacka valley as a travel destination as well as the cultural and historical affirmation of Otočac´s historical center, in order to keep guests in the area for more than just a night and to extend the tourist season. Within the well-established café in the town´s centre, we managed to create a new, more relaxed zone, with a great atmosphere, where our guests can flick though newspapers, magazines, and books and recharge their batteries.

We have become a recognizable cultural and tourist-orientated brand in Otočac. We can also boast of an increasing recognition within the Croatian literary world, thanks to the unique way in which we mix book presentations with networking opportunities for individuals and companies.

We are currently working on designing our website and a brand logo, which will enable us to become even more recognizable at the national level.

The town of Otočac is six thousand years old. Its rich history and powerful heritage is slowly beginning to tell its story. Our book cafe is just one of the stakeholders who will - together with a few associations, societies and contemporaries - help restore the town´s former glory!


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