Family Farm Butina

Family Farm Butina

Where to eat - Family Farm Butina

We are a family that has returned from the big city Zagreb to live in the small village of Kuterevo in the bottom of Velebit, to peruse working in the long standing family tradition of tourism and hospitality. At our house we offer accommodation, but also food and drinks that we prepare according to the traditional recipes.

We do not like to say that we are engaged in classic tourism but actually we like to say that we work in "home hospitality" because we open the door of our home to our guests, introducing them to the countryside life and the Velebit mountain in which we live. Our guests can take part in shading of dried out grass that farmers use as animal food, animal care, goat milking, farming activities and preparation of all goodies for the winter (jam, traditional ajvar, juice, grappa). The youngest members can enjoy riding ponies, playing with rabbits and small goats.

To all our guests we will show workshops of skilled woodworkers who make homemade wooden souvenirs such as Kuterevo’s famous guitar instrument ‘Dangubica’ which they can take home as a souvenir or let us play it for them. The peace of the wild, the fresh mountain air, the view of the surrounding hills will be what they will see in the morning when the roosters will wake them up. In our home you will be able to forget your alarm clock and let yourself be awaken by the nature. From our home that we will share with our guests , they can go hiking, walking, cycling on numerous attractive trails or visit the nearby little bear Refuge camp, Northern Velebit National Park, Gacka River or go swimming in one of the beaches in the Velebit Channel.

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