Bistro Ribič

Bistro Ribič

Where to eat - Bistro Ribič

Bistro Ribič is a restaurant with the longest tradition of preparing and serving food in the Gacka Valley. Situated along the coast of the river Gacka, the restaurant offers its guests delicious dishes made from healthy and fresh food, as well as an unforgettable experience of being in close vicinity to one of Europe's cleanest rivers, recognizable by its magical color of opal and indigenous brown trout.

Inspired by the river Gacka, we prepare a variety of trout dishes. In addition to fish, we also offer diverse meat specialties, pizza and a wide selection of daily meals. In order to preserve the tradition of local Lika cuisine, our regular offer includes dishes such as sauerkraut with meat, and baked potato with sauerkraut, bacon, sausages and cheese. Our guests can also pre-order local dishes such as veal or lamb with potato and vegetables roasted under the bell, as well as spit-roasted lamb and pork.  

The inside dining area of the restaurant can accommodate 42 guests, while the covered outdoor terrace can host up to 70 people and on which pets are allowed. The restaurant has a large outdoor parking lot.

Throughout the year, we offer a rhapsody of flavors and aromas that will awaken such emotions in you that you will wish to return to the Gacka Valley to enjoy extraordinary dishes of bistro Ribič.

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