Hećimović Nikolina family farm

Hećimović Nikolina family farm

IQM Members - Hećimović Nikolina family farm

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Extra cornelian cherry jam

Extra elderberry jam

Extra strawberry and wild strawberry jam

Extra rosehip jam


The Hećimović Nikolina family farm is located in Perušić and is active in growing and processing of fruit, as well as making jams since 2013. Their supply consists of products made from strawberries, rosehip, cornel and elderberries, which are grown and handpicked in their garden.

Marmalades are packed in 800 gram jars, while jams are packed in jars of 115, 230 and 345 grams. At the moment, they sell them on their doorstep.

Beside this assortment, the family also offers strawberries which can be personally handpicked and tried by customers.

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